>The (Mini) Epic Rail Journey 1

>Okay, so this is is not cast in stone.

But its an idea that I am very very intrigued with, very excited about and have started working on. And so far, what I’ve found looks very very promising and very do-able.

I am thinking of taking the family on a long rail journey from Singapore up to Bangkok and maybe Chiangmai. Along the way, we will cover KL, Penang, Hua Hin and Bangkok and maybe Chiangmai. Likely we’ll fly back from Bangkok or Chiangmai on a budget airline. Tentative plans indicate that this will be a 17Day trip – wow! And should cost in the region of $4000 – includes everything except pocket money.

Tentative dates: Dec 5 to Dec 21.

Oh and why is this called the (Mini) Epic Rail Journey 1? Because I am so intrigued by all the possibilities there are! The idea of travelling overland from Asia to Europe via trains has always fascinated me. Some day I’ll do it. So you can be sure there will be more epic journeys by train ahead in my lifetime. But first, all epic journeys have to begin somewhere right? Starting with this one from Singapore to Bangkok – a ‘mini’ one by the standards of many savvier travelers who have traversed the continents of the world by train.

Will post more when I develop this plan further.

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