>Quick getaway but new stuff to see

>Okay, we’re heading up north again for a quick getaway.

We originally wanted to spend a couple of days in Sibu Island (but realised this was quite expensive for our large family. The quote for 3D2N, all meals, transport etc included was RM2209!) and then later move on to Kuantan, toying with the idea of a stay at the Hyatt there (we were there in 98 and loved it but have since read that the hotel is not well-maintained and not worth the price) before heading in to KL and so on. But thanks to KH’s work, we can’t do all that now and will have to settle for an abbreviated version.

So next week we are heading up to KL. En route, we plan to stop at Seremban to check out the Minangkabau architecture and to see the old palaces of the Minangkabau sultanate. From KL, we plan to take a train down to the old Port Klang, then take a ferry to Pulau Ketam (aka crab island). We’ll check out some crustaceans cooked in chilli (yum!) and some shellfish, wander around the island a bit before heading back to KL.

Indy Jones and Narnia are on in the cinemas in KL, so we plan to catch these there – so much cheaper at half price!

After that, back to Malacca, explore Pulau Besar which we said we would do but have not gotten down to, and then just hang around by the condo pool, the beach etc, checking out our favourite food and dvds before heading home satisfied.

Now all I’ve got to do is to find the right hotel for us in KL. Still in mourning for MiCasa which is going thru extensive reno and hardpressed to find anything else of equal value.

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