>Our JR passes are here!


Its past 10pm and I’m just home from Ion after picking up my JR passes. Very excited to now have this in hand and I feel like the trip is one step closer! We bought the 14-day JR Pass at SGD$673 per adult or 45100yen, after a 5% discount. All in, our passes cost (including Vivian’s) SGD$4039. Funnily I thought I’d wince at the amount but I am not – guess the excitement factor overrules all else at the moment!

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2 Responses to >Our JR passes are here!

  1. mummyof3 says:

    >oooh! i remember those! so exciting! 14 days!

  2. Momto5 says:

    >Hmm yes, very excited! Just having them in hand that night while leaving JTB already felt so thrilling! To 'celebrate', I treated myself to lovely sushi at Itacho nearby.

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