>Japan back on track… for now

>Dad seems to be stable. He will need surgery at some point but for now, things are pretty much status quo. Japan plans for now, will go back on track. In the event that things change suddenly, well, can’t be helped. But if dad remains in a stable condition, I think we will go ahead with the trip.

That said, I made some adjustments to the accommodations, making early cancellations for Vi and mom since for now, Vi and mom will be staying put and not travelling with us. But if anything changes and they come along, well, I think it would not be an issue making additional arrangements.

Briefly, I have gone on to make reservations for Hiroshima and cancelled my reservation for Miyajima at the Forest Villa. In Hiroshima, we will stay at the Chisun Hotel. This is conveniently located with a tram stop right in front of the hotel. Walking distance to the Peace Park too.

In Miyajima, we will stay at the Auberge Watanabe.

I think I might have gone a bit numb about the cost since Auberge Watanabe is far costlier than Forest Villa (though better value – meals provided, including a 9-course kaiseki feast and overall better ‘atmosphere’). I am just throwing caution to the wind and splurging. Its that sort of devil-may-care reckless mood that gleefully tells me to just go ahead and spend, kinda like why people fly planes and race cars. You know you might die but you’ll die doing what makes you happy. That’s the kind of number-numbness I have right now. One day when I wake from my travel-induced stupor (when the credit card bills come) I’m sure all this will come back and bite me where it hurts most.

But until then, ah what the heck…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Hi patricia,It is perfectly ok to pamper ourselves once in a while. Then we can feel the power of money. Enjoy when we can do so. Mine would be that night stay in Kokuya Shibu Onsen which I will confirm it in late Nov or early Dec!starlight

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