>Day 1Japan here we come!


We had a long day that Saturday. In the morning, we had Owain’s graduation concert to attend and some last minute packing to do. The MAS web check-in had failed the night before, which left me a bit antsy about not getting good seats on both legs to Tokyo.

True enough, we did not manage to secure good seats and the second leg of the journey from KL to Tokyo saw all of us separated – Gillian and Isaac sitting individually by themselves further away from us. The younger kids, KH and I managed to sit quite close together, separated by the aisle.

At Changi airport, taking advantage of the free internet access. Kids were thrilled to have free internet and used the time to play games – even Trinity!

We took the shuttle flight to KL and then changed planes with barely half an hour to spare. The kids, with the exception of Trin, were thrilled to have inflight movies and games. By the time the plane took off for Tokyo at around 11pm, I was completely zonked. I think I pretty much slept through the flight, not even waking for meals, until Trin started crying/whining. That should have warned me about the days to come, but fuzzy from sleep, it just didn’t clue me in. Despite repeated warnings, the older kids did NOT sleep until around 4am when we shut down the system for them. But by then, it was a case of too much game-time, too little shut-eye and too late since we would be landing by 7am.

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