>Japan trip picture gallery

>Okay, I am interrupting the trip reports on Japan to say that if you would like to see more pictures of our time in Japan, you can do so at my public gallery in Picasa.


The pictures of our trip in 2007 are also posted there, so be careful you don’t get mixed up when you browse the pictures. Note that not all the pictures are uploaded as yet – yes I know I am very slow, blame it on the festive period, new school terms and being mom to five kids! So please check in from time to time to see new albums.

I am doing it like this because it is just too time-consuming to post many pictures with every blog entry. The system is really crawling and for some weird reason, spacing is always affected, making my entries look a bit untidy – which gets on my anal retentive nerves. Also, we just have too many pictures to put them all on the blog. And some are just too nice to leave out.

I will still post some pictures but it might not be as many. Hopefully with this move, I will be able to post the rest of the trip reports more efficiently and a lot faster! KH – slave driver – always grumbles that I am taking too long. It chafes at me too – especially since my backlog has grown with the recent Malaysia trip and I’d like to add hotel and trip reports on that too.

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