Zany about Zunda

It’s not slime. It’s zunda mochi. I’m not crazy about it, but the folks who live this far up north in Tohoku sure are zany about their zunda.

Apart from the famous gyutan (which I will post about later) zunda mochi is one of the foods representative of Sendai. It is a sweet dessert paste made from green soybeans or edamame – hence the colour – and paired up with chewy rice mochi. In terms of texture, it was a bit rough and lumpy and probably best resembled my grandmother’s home-cooked kaya (traditional egg jam). My 10-year-old daughter who can polish off a bag of frozen edamame in half an hour would probably fall in love with this.

Although usually a form of snack or dessert, I found this on the buffet table at dinner and again at breakfast in the hotel – so I guess they eat it anywhere and anytime? You could also buy ready packs as gifts at the gift shops in Sendai station since this was a popular omiage for visitors to Sendai.

They even have zunda shake – a cross between a milkshake and zunda mochi – which is sold at a well-known kiosk in Sendai station (below).

I tried it and it tastes actually quite similar to the soya bean drink we have here in Singapore. Especially now that some shops are selling soya bean shakes and smoothies, the similarities are even closer. It was a bit thick and a tad too sweet for me, but on a hot summer’s day, the coolness was great! For 220yen a cup, it was a nice way to say goodbye and thank you to Sendai.

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