Summer in Japan

We interrupt trip reports on Europe to report on summer in Japan! I’ll admit this blog is going to be a bit schizo for a while as I alternate between Europe and Japan so please bear with me. Don’t mind the weirdness, just go with the flow. July and August is festival time in Japan and that means great street food, lots of people-watching, dancing in the streets and breaking out the summer yukatas and paper fans. This is really a long overdue part two of a week-long trip I took last August to Japan as part of Tohoku’s post-recovery summer festival circuit, thanks to JNTO and the Tohoku prefectural government. If you’re new to this blog, feel free to browse older posts or check out the Japan 2011 page. With that, keep travelling with me as I do the continental hop-scotch from Europe to Japan in the next few posts!

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