China via Groupon

Wuzhen – water landscapes

Suzhou – Master of Nets garden

Close Encounters with the Chinese Toilets

Welcome to China!

Independent Travel in China with Children

 Afternoon in the park in Beijing

Walking through Qianmen and Liulichang

Day out on the Wall

Evening at the Summer Palace

Beijing’s hidden surprise: Tai Miao

Behind the red walls: the Forbidden City

Going on the midnight train… to Datong!

Finding Mr Gao and CITS Datong

Yungang Grottoes: Home of the Buddhas big and small

Hanging on a prayer

Rebuilding the old in Datong

Around Pingyao: Wang Family Courtyard

The Tunnels of Zhangbi Village

Pingyao’s backyard

The ancient city of Pingyao

In the shadow of Beijing’s towers

10 days in a Chinese ink painting

The beauty of Hui architecture

The white villages of Wuyuan

Wangkou village



Faded beauties of Anhui


The West Lake of Hangzhou

Spring in Wuyuan China

Wuyuan: On the flower trail

Wuyuan’s secret eyrie of flowers

13 days in Yunnan, China

China travel: A checklist of essentials

Hiring a driver and car in Yunnan

Yuanyang rice terraces, Yunnan

Faded glories of Tuanshan and Jianshui

Dali and Cangshan

Drugs, horses and tea in Donglianhua

At home in Weishan

Living in Xizhou


Around Lijiang

Shuhe and the Bivou

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