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Hongu spring matsuri

As we entered the back entrance of the shrine, a car inched in behind us. Some ladies in kimono minced their way hurriedly past. A mother clasped the hand of a little girl in a red and pink kimono. There … Continue reading

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Walking the Kumano Kodo

We did not walk the full Nakahechi route, which would have taken days. Instead, we took a short day walk from Hosshinmon-oji to Kumano Hongu Taisha. This is the map of the route we took. You’ll find more maps and … Continue reading

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Kumano Kodo – Nachi Taisha and Hayatama Taisha

Outside Japan, few foreign tourists know of the Kii Peninsula and the Kumano Kodo. The names of small towns and villages like Shingu or Nachi may be well off the usual tourist radar – for now at least. It’s probably … Continue reading

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