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Breakfast around the world!

When I’m traveling, that one indispensable meal of the day for me is always breakfast. From the traditional soft-boiled egg in a cup with iced white coffee (Ipoh, Malaysia) to the continental European fare of simple warm croissants with butter, … Continue reading

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Dachstein plateau and Hallstatt salt mine

Genteel lakeside strolls aside, there is actually plenty to do in the hills above Hallstatt. In summer, you could easily spend at least a week just taking long hikes through meadows, reaching rugged peaks and stunning views you only see … Continue reading

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Hallstatt’s charms

In Hallstatt, you live two ways – either with the water lapping at your doorstep, or perched high above in the narrow steep lanes, tacked on to the hillside. Tough decision. Not going to say much about Hallstatt in this … Continue reading

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Eternally at rest in Hallstatt

Overlooking the Hallstattersee is probably the prettiest tiny cemetery I’ve ever seen. Less than a hundred graves are privileged to have a spot here. Land is such a premium that in the past, before cremation was allowed or encouraged, graves … Continue reading

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Hello Hallstatt!

It’s hard to take a bad photograph in Hallstatt when every corner throws up an enchanting garden, a quaint detail or a breathtaking view. All those European postcard cliches come true in Hallstatt. Snow-touched mountains – check. Colourful old houses … Continue reading

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