Venice: quirks and details

Venice is full of surprises. Look carefully around you. It’s not just ‘another old building’. There could be a tiny bas relief, a small sign, a paint job, even graffiti – that brings a place to life. It would be a mistake to go to Venice – or any city – and just see the main tourist attractions and think you’ve seen all there is to see.

Peel away the layers. Look at the details. It would be a pity to just marvel at architecture and history but be blind to the details that may not be significant historically or artistically but are just fun to note. These bring out the personality in the city. I love the quirks I found all over the place. And those are not even the numerous wall shrines dedicated to saints and the Virgin that fascinated me so much – those will be posted up soon.

A door that swings upwards, a passage leading to…?

Knock! Knock!

a lighthouse in Venice?

Always a flash of turquoise or sometimes gold amid the white. Churches are full of details, inside and out.

A standalone house in the middle of a piazza selling knick-knacks and souvenirs.

Only in Italy. Discreet and elegant. Even police stations got to have some style.

a 21st century gadget in a 18th century scene.

a new bridge links the old buildings

no cookie-cutter cast-iron grills. The Chinese had the same idea.

And finally…

a tiny discreet sign at the side of a building.

Open to debate.

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